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The Five Love Languages

Recent reading inspired me on the subject: do we love each other same way and how people express their love?
Very intriguing concept I’ve found in the book “5 love languages” I’m eager to share with you. According to the book we speak different languages concerning love, perception of love and the way we express love. […]

How to get men to chase you?

See the video or continue reading…trust me it’s worth!

Do you want to be the woman all heads turn after?

Just follow these 3 easy steps and you are going to get men’s attention – right away -JUST LIKE THAT:
1. Dress Like a Real Woman
Get his attention with nice dress, heels, sparkles and jewelry
I know not everyone […]

How to understand if a man wants just sex or relationship

Here are a few points that will show clearly what the man intentions and interests toward you are!
It doesn’t really matter if you are at date number 1 or 10:

1. A man who is looking for serious relationship is never in hurry with you
If he meets you and is always in a hurry, […]

Think like a man, act like a lady

The inspiration for this article came when I saw the movies “Think like a man, act like a lady” and of course the book!
There were a lot of insights I really want to share with as many girls and women as possible all over the world. If you’d like to read the book let me […]

Are we looking for love or just passion?

Every woman or man claims he or she is looking for love, the real love and only one, but my question is are we really looking for love or just burning passion?

As lots of studies prove love we can share with our closest friend! We all have this amazing person in our life, always there when needed, […]

Men are Like Rubber Band

All women has experienced their partner suddenly pulls away. This rubber band analogy explains how and why this happens.

When a man pulls away it is not because he does not want to talk or he does not love you anymore. It is because he needs some time alone; time to be with himself. He concisely, […]

Why and how do we fall in love?

For centuries philosophers, scientists and ordinary people have been looking for an answer to this question!
Why and how we fall in love with a certain person out of the millions of choices we have? Till now the answer was not that clear but let’s see what the findings show.
As science is developing more and more, the answers it gives […]

What Not to Do While Dating?

We all know someone that continues to push away potential partners, women or men
Below we will focus on what main mistakes mostly women but also a big chunk of men make while dating!

Being needy – you can not expect that after meeting someone a few times, this person can not live without you! We all […]

What are most of the single men looking for?

This question turns out to be very tricky! Since the biggest group of single men is between age 25 – 40, let’s focus on that age range.
As we all know every human being is willing to be in relationship, man or woman, it’s in our DNA. Why then can’t we find this perfect person to […]

Smart advices from my grandma

Q: Grandma, how do I know when I’m in love?
A: It is very simple, do you remember how you both met for the first time?
Q: Of course I do. I remember not only how we’ve met, but every date: how we smiled to each other for the first time, how we walked for the first time […]